Plenty of elite UFC action is coming up over the next week as the best MMA in the world gets ready to fight it out – let the drama and mayhem commence.

This Autumn MMA is set to be full of incredible drama. There’s a host of top fights coming up this week with UFC Fight Night 228 at UFC Apex, Las Vegas, on September 23, so get your dinner suit or your ball gown out and head for Vegas in what is promising to be an exciting turn of events.

Where will Dana White bury the bodies? Can the fighter beat their ghosts and trample on their demons before the bell rings – let’s find out…

Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot: UFC Fight Night 228 at UFC Apex

UFC Top Fight Night Headliners: lightweight Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot looks like a strong-sounding fight on paper, but neither are significant stars; the spotlight on these fighters will be intense as they’re both ranking in the top ten at lightweight, one of the UFC’s most arduous divisions, so it’s a big deal and one that must not be missed.

Rafael Fiziev is a 29-year-old Azerbaijani pro MMA and Muay Thai fighter who ranks #7. Nicknamed Ataman in celebration of his mixed Central Asian heritage. Fiziev lost to Justin Gaethje in round three at UFC 286 in March.

Mateusz’  Gamer’ Gamrot is a 33-year-old Polish lightweight MMA fighter ranking #11. Gamrot, a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, trains under Przemo Gnat. While Gamer is four years older and wiser than Ataman and has never been KO’d, he has not fought a skilled striker like Fiziev.

It’s the battle of the dumplings, and the smart money is on the Dushbara, although a strong game from Gamrot could upset the apple cart. Tune it to find out who will dish out a double serving. 

Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan Ige

Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan Ige is an MMA fight organized and promoted by the UFC. This fight will be the co-main event alongside Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot at UFC Fight Night 228. Bryce’ Thug Nasty’ Mitchell and Daniel Alexander Ige are currently ranked #10 and #12 in the UFC featherweight rankings, respectively.

Ironically, ‘Pretty Boy’ Mitchell is called ‘Thug Nasty’ because of his street rep; he doubles up as a rapper who does country – think Garth Brooks + Nasty C, or don’t because that’s a vision you can’t unsee. Mitchell released his debut country rap album Pasture Fire in 2021 – we say stick to the day job, Pretty Boy.

Dan’ 50k’ Ige is a worthy challenger to PB. A pro fighter since 2014, he has also competed for the Legacy Fighting Championship, the RFA, Pancrase, and Titan FC. 50k is giving us winner vibes, as in 2021, he defeated Gavin Tucker in under a minute (22 seconds) in Vegas and received a fight bonus of $50,000. The 50k nickname stuck; let’s hope that wasn’t the last bonus in his career.

Back at UFC 289, 50k fought against Nate’ The Train’ Landwehr, winning hands down with a unanimous decision. While 50k might have taken on The Train and won, that doesn’t mean he will station Nasty. You know what they say? No, we will tell you… It’s not over until the pretty boy sings, but let’s hope he keeps his mouth firmly shut for his sake.

Last but not least, Tim Means vs. Andre Fialho sits on the card in third place.

Tim Means vs. André Fialho

The obvious question is, is Tim Mean or just meh? The 39-year-old Welterweight is knocking on a bit. Fighting out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Means is the former King of the Cage Lightweight Champion and King of the Cage Junior Welterweight Champion fighting under the moniker of ‘The Dirty Bird (TDB).’

To answer our question, ‘Is Tim Mean or just meh?’ you have to look at his chances of winning at UFC Fight Night 228, which look slim. While TDB will offer an entertaining fight, André Fialho is a killer who likes a first-round stoppage. With 49 fights to his name, Means is a veteran in the ring, but knowledge is power, and that knowledge might just save him.

André Fialho Mensurado is a Portuguese MMA fighter who is ten years younger than Means. Fialho competes in the Welterweight division and will fight TDB in Vegas on Friday. Fialho is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The former soccer player and amateur boxer has some fancy footwork to bring to the fight. Fialho has had 24 matches, 16 wins, and seven losses, but no nickname.

We can’t allow any fighter to go into the ring without a catchy nickname, so here it is – from now on, André Fialho will be known as André ‘The Inferno’ Fialho after his home town, Cascais in Portugal and its unique geological formation – Boca do Inferno. Alternatively, he can be known as the fighter who beat Means, and TBH, that’s more likely. 

We can’t leave out the ladies to finish fight night in style, so here’s the lowdown on Marina Rodriguez and Michelle Waterson-Gomez.

Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-Gomez

Rodriguez and Waterson-Gomez will face off again in a vital strawweight contention battle. Rodriguez boasts 6 KOs, one submission, and four first-round finishes. Her opponent, Waterson-Gomez, is an American MMA fighter, former model, actress, stuntwoman, and former Invicta FC Atomweight Champion. Waterson-Gomez has had 29 fights, 18 wins, 3 KOs, nine submissions, and six by decision.

The chances are that Marina ‘no nickname’ Rodriguez will get it as she is the queen of KOs, but if Michelle ‘the Karate Hottie’ Waterson-Gomez (nicknamed by has any say in it, she will teach Rodriguez a thing or two about putting a good fight.

UFC Fight Night 228 at UFC Apex, Las Vegas, on September 23, will be a night to remember, so don’t be a dummy and miss this class action; come on, Albuquerque, with two fighters hailing from New Mexico, it’s going to be a spicy affair.